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Engineering Degree Requirements

General Requirements

The general requirements for admission to the Engineer Degree program and completion of the Engineer degree are specified in the University Catalog and in Table V.

Course Requirements

In addition to the basic chemical engineering requirements selected for completion of a M.S. degree, the candidate is required to specialize in one other field of engineering. Students who elect the Engineers Degree will need to take an additional 30 units beyond the 27 taken at the Master’s level. General curriculum requirements are shown in Table V.

The Engineer’s Qualifying Examination (E.Q.E.)

The purpose of this examination is to test the ability of the candidate to independently perform creative and original engineering analysis and design. The examination consists of a written report and oral defense thereof and it is taken during the last semester of coursework. Suitable topics for the E.Q.E. include a critique of an existing solution to an engineering problem, development of a new solution to problems of engineering interest, engineering analysis of a petroleum engineering problem.