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Various Teaching and Research Professors participating in UKC:

Petroleum Engineering Faculty

Dr. Iraj Ershaghi : Well Testing, Advanced Reservoir Engineering, Reservoir Characterization, EOR Processes including Thermal,    Waterflood, Fractured Reservoirs, Economic Optimization, and Smart Oilfield Operations
Dr. Robello Samuel : Rock mechanics; rotary drilling processes; bit selection; optimizing bit weight and rotational speed; well hydraulics and control; casing design and cementing; directional and offshore drilling
Dr. Kristian Jessen : Phase Behavior/ Transport in Porous Media and EOR Processes including Gas Injection.
Dr. Fred AminzadehSmart Oilfield Technologies including Reservoir Visualization and Soft Computing including Artificial Intelligence
Dr. Civan : Well Completion and Stimulation Engineering
Dr. Popa : Reservoir Engineering and Decision Support Systems
Dr. Katherine Shing  : Phase Behavior and Multiphase Flow
Dr. Davood Khairkhah : Advanced Production Engineering
Mr. Pierce : Drilling Engineering
Dr. Yao : Data Mining
Dr. Donald Gautier : Petroleum geology, formation of oil and gas accumulations, energy resource analysis
Dr. Donald Hill : Formation Evaluation
Dr. Martin Karrenbach : Geophysics, 2D-3D-4D seismic, borehole geophysics, passive seismic, controlled source electromagnetics, geophysical and geological modeling and inversion
Dr. Don Paul : Integrated Physical and Cyber Security for Oil and Properties
Dr. Jincai Chang : Reservoir simulation, optimization and strategic planning for the development of large-scale oil and gas fields, as well as storage facilities.
Dr. Birendra Jha : Geomechanics, human-induced seismicity, hydraulic fracturing, multiphase flow through porous media, viscous fingering, geothermal energy
Dr. Behnam Jafarpour : Spatial statistics, stochastic processes, sparse representations and learning techniques, inverse modeling and uncertainty quantification, stochastic optimization, model-predictive control

Additional faculty participation in research collaboration:
Dr. Neumann (immersive visualization)
Dr. Ortega (signal processing of performance data)
Dr. Shahabi (data base management of oilfield systems)